Welcoming Our Local Leaders of Maths Education!

Meet our new local leaders of mathematics education!


Across the country there are approaching 2,000 LLME. In every Maths Hub there are strong systems and mechanisms in place that hold the group together, in what’s called an LLME Community. The aim is to enable the LLME to work together, as part of their local community provides opportunities for its members to engage in constructive practice exchange and challenging professional dialogue, always relevant to the context of the Maths Hub’s own region.

The working lives of these LLME oscillate between the classroom and various locations outside. Collectively, these maturing groups of local leaders are beginning to exert an increasing influence on the way maths is taught, on the professional development of those who teach it, and on the institutions where the teaching takes place.

If you’re curious about LLME and want to know more about this exciting initiative, you’re in luck! The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has produced a fantastic flyer that covers all things LLME. It’s a great resource for understanding the program and its potential impact on our community.

Download flyer here >>