Our Team

Tony Staneff

Maths Hub Senior Lead

Tony was our first Maths Hub lead and he continues to have an overview of the strategic direction of the hub.

Mark Duxbury

Maths Hub Lead

Proud to be WYMH lead since January 2019 and also the Trinity MAT Curriculum Maths Lead. Mark also enjoys teaching secondary Maths at Trinity Academy Halifax, the host school for WYMH. Away from work, he enjoys supporting his football team and listening to vinyl and also spending time with his wife but of course still finding time for Maths!

Sam Shutkever

Deputy Maths Hub Lead

Sam is the Assistant Maths Hub lead for Primary. He oversees Teaching for Mastery and Mastery Readiness. He is a keen (but very) amateur sportsman and a keen (but very amateur) musician. In the classroom, he is passionate about maths and developing mathematical thinking. He has a particular interest in the role that problem solving can play in developing mathematical understanding.

Natalie Smith

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Natalie is Assistant Maths hub lead for Primary and has responsibility for Mastery Readiness, Teaching for Mastery Development and Teaching for Mastery Embedding. Alongside her role with West Yorkshire Maths Hub, Natalie delivers a range of school-to-school support, is a facilitator for the Early Career Framework, NPQ Leading Teacher Development and delivers Maths based initial teacher training. Natalie is passionate about Professional Development both with individual teachers and in developing sustainable whole school change in Mathematics. When not thinking about Mathematics, Natalie spends her time walking her two dogs or exploring new places with her two children.

Kate Henshall

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Kate is the Assistant Maths Hub lead for Primary. She oversees Teaching for Mastery and Early Years. She is passionate about mathematical language and developing reasoning. Kate loves planning sequences of lessons and thinking carefully about coherence. When she is not being passionate about maths, she loves cooking and trying new recipes. Kate also loves walking and exploring new places.

Tara Stuttard

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Richard Wayman

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Leeds and Bradford)

Richard is Assistant Maths Hub Leeds for Leeds and Bradford alongside being Assistant Head at St Mary's Menston. He oversees 5-8continuity, Post-16 GCSE Resit, and Secondary SKTM, as well as liaising with external partners in Leeds and Bradford. He's passionate about teaching maths and raising the profile of the subject in the community.

Claire Whitworth

Level 3 Lead

Natasha Mcloughlin

Project Manager

Charlotte Daw

Marketing Assistant