School Support

Through Targeted Support, School Improvement Specialists from the West Yorkshire Maths Hub will work closely with your school to develop specific areas of mathematics that suit the needs of your school.

School Support
Our pathways

Enhanced Programme:

Schools involved with the Teaching for Mastery Programme, Secondary Subject Leaders Community and the Developing Foundations in Year 7 Work Group can access free enhanced support.

This is the standard Maths Hubs offer but, for certain schools, enhanced LLME support is provided to help leaders and teachers more effectively implement change and work towards intended outcomes. This is most likely to involve LLME providing in-school support (or occasionally extra workshop sessions) of 1 – 3 extra days in additional to the schools standard WYMH support.

Intensive Programme:

Schools who need additional capacity to allow them to access the Teaching for Mastery Programme for the first time or to continue this journey could access the fully funded intensive support.

The support will enable to make sustained change in maths through a bespoke offer over a sustained number of agreed days. Local leaders of maths education (LLMEs) from WYMH will work with participating leaders to develop their understanding and practice of developing maths, underpinned by the key features of the EEF implementation cycle.

WYMH would usually offer 6 intensive support days with a school grant of 12 teacher release days. These days would vary on the need of school.

What does the work focus on?

Together we will work to develop the following seven strands:

  1. Professional development for teachers of maths
  2. Mathematics Curriculum development and alignment
  3. Data-driven decision making
  4. Instructional strategies and resources
  5. Positive mathematical culture
  6. Maths Leadership and collaboration
  7. Equity and access for all learners

By focusing on these areas, your School Improvement Specialist will look to significantly contribute to the overall development and improvement of your school, leading to enhanced teacher effectiveness, improved student outcomes, and a stronger culture of mathematics learning.

What can you expect from the support?

This programme is collaborative, supportive and tailored to the specific needs and context of your school community.

You will be allocated a School Improvement Specialist (SIS) who will explore your needs and context and gather information to understand the unique needs of both you and your school, understanding that every school is different. We will look to ascertain the most appropriate support pathway for you and allocate a series of visits throughout the academic year to work collaboratively to support you.

Across the year, you can expect to receive audits to help with the evaluation of your work, support in action planning, regular coaching visits from your SIS and a supportive professional relationship with access to a wide community and a vast array of expertise and resourcing from our local area as well as the wider Maths Hub community, nationally.

No matter which pathway you embark upon, the coaching model will ensure that this work is sustainable after the SIS leaves your school.

What are the benefits for my school? 

Targeted support offers tailored support based on the individual needs and goals of teachers and the wider school community. Targeted support is not simply about telling you what to do, but will address specific challenges, strengths, and areas for development with school staff having ownership over how this moves forward.

As the support takes place in your school, your SIS will be able to provide support based on the specific needs of the school. Your SIS will encourage a reflective approach to the support, enabling staff in school to understand how to identify areas for improvement and how to develop self-awareness. This reflective process is crucial for long-term development beyond the support package.

The targeted support will allow the SIS to foster a collaborative learning environment where teachers and leaders can share ideas and be open about the areas for further exploration or development.

Having regular check-ins from the SIS enables a sense of accountability whilst ensuring ongoing support and challenge is present. Teaching is often a demanding yet rewarding role, your SIS will be a supportive professional friend who can help staff in school navigate the stresses and challenges of implementing mathematics improvement in their school.

The SIS will look to build the leadership skills of the maths lead or other relevant participant teachers, enabling them to take on monitoring roles themselves and thus contributing to a culture of continuous improvement, peer support and challenge to make ongoing developments to mathematics in school.

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