Teaching for Mastery

Discover what teaching for mastery means and how to get involved.

The West Yorkshire Maths Hub team believe that all children can become fluent, reasoning and problem-solving mathematicians. We want children to engage in mathematical thinking that will allow them to develop a connected conceptual understanding of the subject. The teachers we work with are developing their practice in a range of ways including:

  • Making use of concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations that help learners to uncover and articulate mathematical structure.
  • Crafting lessons so that mathematical talk is encouraged
  • Using the principles of intelligent practice when choosing or writing questions
  • Promoting a positive can-do mindset that expects to learn from mistakes
  • Providing enjoyable and engaging tasks that build skills and allow misconceptions to be diagnosed

The Five Big Ideas

The fundamental characteristics that underpin teaching for mastery in all school and college phases.

Behind all NCETM and Maths Hubs work in the field of teaching for mastery are Five Big Ideas, all informed by research evidence and classroom experience. The diagram helps bind these ideas together.


Here’s some frequently asked questions about our Teaching for Mastery Programmes.

Contact us at: wymh@westyorkshiremathshub.co.uk

If your school has completed the first 3 years of the programme, you can still see our Sustaining offer above.

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