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Post 16 Projects & ITT Providers

ITT Providers (for colleges who provide teacher training)

Lead: Shirley Clement

NCP20-22- This project is designed to further develop the ongoing liaison between ITT providers and their local Maths Hub. During this year-long project, there will be opportunities to explore and share current mathematical developments and consider their implications for ITT providers and Maths Hubs in order to help trainees transition into teaching mathematics effectively. As this project moves into its third year, it builds upon the best practice of ITT providers and Maths Hubs who are continuing to develop ways of working together to support ITT trainees as they start their career.

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub so is FREE to participating schools.

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Developing A Level Pedagogy

Lead: Tim Chadwick

NCP20-21- This project provides national support for the effective development of pedagogy in the teaching of A level Mathematics to enhance the quality of teaching and the conceptual understanding of students. Its aim is to develop and sustain regional communities of practice involving collaboration between teachers. The focus is on developing pedagogy in A level Maths teaching, and developing participants as leaders of A level teaching professional development in their own school or college.

This project involves a direct working partnership between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub so is FREE to participating schools.

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Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit

Lead: Sarah Chamings

NCP20-19- Work Groups in this project will explore effective ways of teaching key content to GCSE resit students, and working with teachers of post-16 resit GCSE. Participants will, through collaboration and experimentation, deepen their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum demands of GCSE Maths and their awareness of pedagogical approaches that best support students taking GCSE for the second time.

Participants’ departments will, through shared good practice, become more effective at teaching GCSE resit, for example by wider and more confident use of teaching approaches such as bar modelling, multiplicative reasoning, or realistic contextualisation. Work Group activity will also be influenced by understanding the unfolding support that will be required for transition to the post-16 environment with awarded grades rather than exam results.

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub so is FREE to participating schools.

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Developing Core Maths

Lead: Mark Pierzchalski

NCP20-20- The success of Core Maths relies on the pool of enthusiastic teachers that provide students with the necessary expertise and experience. This Work Group aspires connect those teachers to strengthen that pool. Participants will come together to explore the philosophy of Core Maths and develop improved teaching techniques that address the contextualised problem solving nature of the course.

The project is aimed at schools/colleges/departments that want to develop one or more aspects of their A level pedagogy including use of technology.

This programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub so is FREE to participating schools.

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