Secondary Teaching for Mastery

Teaching for Mastery in secondary schools

Teaching for mastery means students gaining a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical procedures and concepts. The NCETM and Maths Hubs offer two different, funded professional development programmes in teaching for mastery. Both involve individual teachers and their departments working over time to embed mastery into maths learning. One involves a highly trained teacher supporting other schools to do the same.

The journey for the Mastery Specialists

Year 1National Training and time to develop skills in their own setting
Year 2Develop mastery approaches with the maths team in their own setting
Year 3Leading a workgroup with two other schools each of which nominates two lead teachers

Work Groups

Maths Hub Work Groups, each led by a Mastery Specialist, offer locally-based, collaborative CPD. Two teachers (‘Mastery Advocates’) from each of a small group of schools or colleges, meet half termly. Together they develop classroom and departmental approaches consistent with teaching for mastery. The Mastery Specialist leads the process and gives bespoke support to each school or college.

Mastery Specialists

Teachers who want to become experts in mastery and take it beyond their own school can become Mastery Specialists. They are linked to their local Maths Hub. The three year Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme involves fully funded face-to-face training and online collaboration. Participants on the programme also work to achieve NCETM PD Lead status, a nationally recognised qualification. For more information and to get involved, visit our website or contact your local Maths Hub.

The Teaching for Mastery schools are paid at SLE rate for the release of their specialists and the Work Group schools are funded to cover their two lead teachers’ time.