Work Groups

What is a Work Group?

The NCETM have devised and honed a collaborative professional development model called a Work Group.

Work Groups have the following key characteristics:

  • Groups are run by teachers and for teachers to enable practice to be developed shared and embedded.
  • Activities include workshops, gap tasks, and ongoing reflection and evaluation.
  • Work Group leads attend national meetings hosted by NCETM.
  • Groups make use of NCETM forums for communication.

Each year the NCETM works with the maths hubs to decide the list of Work Groups that will be run across the country. They are called National Collaborative Projects or NCPs. Individual hubs also give the opportunity to lead new developments and suggest innovation groups.

Click here to watch a short video about Work Groups created by the NCETM

Click here to view a diagram which goes into more detail about Work Groups.


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