Primary Teaching for Mastery

If you would like to express your interest in taking part in the 2023/24 programme, please get in touch.


Below is the journey for the Mastery Specialist:

Year 1National Training and time to develop skills in their own setting
Year 2Leading a workgroup with 6 other schools
Year 3Sustaining the workgroup with 6 other schools
Year 4Schools may choose to form a Teacher Research Group

Teaching for Mastery Work Groups: Each Mastery Specialist works with a group of 6 or 7 schools and leads half-termly workshops attended by two lead teachers from each school. During each workshop, the Mastery Specialist delivers an element of mastery and demonstrates its implementation through an introduction, lesson demonstration and debrief process. In addition, the Mastery Specialist gives each of their schools three days’ support in developing and embedding mastery.

The Teaching for Mastery schools are paid at SLE rate for the release of their specialists and the Work Group schools are funded to cover their two lead teachers’ time. 

In 2018-19 we launched a Mastery Readiness Programme for schools that would like some support before they join a Work Group. Our vision is to connect to every primary school in our region.


Primary Mastery Specialists

These teachers are recruited by the Maths Hub to receive training from NCETM and work together to develop their practice. After a year they then go on to run Work Groups.