Primary Teaching for Mastery

Recruitment for NCETM Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Group is now closed for 2020!

If you would like to express your interest in taking part in the 2021/22 programme, please email:


Below is the journey for the Mastery Specialist:

Year 1National Training and time to develop skills in their own setting
Year 2Leading a workgroup with 6 other schools
Year 3Sustaining the workgroup with 6 other schools
Year 4Schools may choose to form a Teacher Research Group

Teaching for Mastery Work Groups: Each Mastery Specialist works with a group of 6 or 7 schools and leads half-termly workshops attended by two lead teachers from each school. During each workshop, the Mastery Specialist delivers an element of mastery and demonstrates its implementation through an introduction, lesson demonstration and debrief process. In addition, the Mastery Specialist gives each of their schools three days’ support in developing and embedding mastery.

The Teaching for Mastery schools are paid at SLE rate for the release of their specialists and the Work Group schools are funded to cover their two lead teachers’ time. 

In 2018-19 we launched a Mastery Readiness Programme for schools that would like some support before they join a Work Group. Our vision is to connect to every primary school in our region.


Primary Mastery Specialists

These teachers are recruited by the Maths Hub to receive training from NCETM and work together to develop their practice. After a year they then go on to run Work Groups.

Kate Henshall

Primary Teaching for Mastery Lead

Kate Henshall
Cohort 1

I love maths and can’t believe how lucky I am to focus on this on a daily basis. I love working closely with schools and teachers and developing them – seeing the impact of this is so rewarding. I’ve also had access to fantastic CPD which has developed my own subject knowledge and expertise. I honestly cannot recommend enough engaging with a Maths Hub - the free CPD I have received has made me into the teacher and practitioner I am, and the impact of this on the children I have taught is amazing.

  • Kate works with the following schools
  • Berry Brow Infant and Nursery school
  • Bradshaw Primary School
  • Elland Church of England School
  • St. Malachy's Catholic Primary
  • St. Mary's CE J and I Mill Bank
  • St. Michaels and All Angels C of E Primary School
  • Bolton Brow Primary Academy
  • St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School
  • St. Mary's Catholic Primary School
  • Holy Trinity CE Primary School
  • Whitehill Academy
  • Salterlee Primary School
  • Clayton Village Primary School
  • Woodhouse Primary School
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Rebecca Holland

Assistant Headteacher to the Ingrow and Long Lee Federation

Rebecca Holland
Cohort 1

The majority of my teaching experience has been in Key Stage 2. I’ve taught across all year groups in the primary school including EYFS. I have many years of experience leading mathematics. Last year, I was delighted to be appointed as a Primary Mathematics Mastery Specialist Teacher. During 2015-2016, I successfully led a Teacher Research Group to share with colleagues the principles and practice of teaching for mastery in mathematics. I have a particular interest in helping colleagues to make the best use of manipulatives to promote pupils’ thorough understanding mathematical concepts and allowing pupils to explain their thinking and reasoning. I’m also keen to support colleagues with variation and next steps, particularly in marking and feedback, so that pupils explore all concepts deeply with opportunities for problem-solving and reasoning as an integral part of learning.

  • Rebecca works with the following schools
  • Marshfield Primary School
  • Dixons Marchbank Primary
  • Glenaire Primary School
  • Miriam Lord Primary School
  • St. Marys & St. Peters Catholic Primary School
  • Barkerend Academy
  • Killinghall Primary School Bradford
  • Denholme Primary School
  • Hill Top CE Primary School
  • Holybrook Primary School
  • Scout Road Academy
  • Farnham Primary School
  • Thornbury Academy
  • Whitechapel C of E Primary
  • All Saints CE Primary School
  • Lower Fields Primary School
  • Atlas Community Primary School
  • Swain House Primary School
  • Lapage Primary School
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Rebecca Gascoigne

Primary Mastery Specialist

Cohort 1

I have 15 years of teaching experience, predominantly in Years Five and Six. Currently, I am an Assistant Head teacher at Robin Hood Primary School, a ‘Good’ two-form entry school, where I am responsible for Key Stage 2, Maths and ICT. I am a Primary Mastery Specialist and trained as the very first cohort of Mastery Specialists with the West Yorkshire Maths Hub and the NCETM. In addition to this I am also a Maths SLE and work with St Anthony’s Teaching Alliance.

Paula Allaway

Maths Lead, Scholes Elmet Primary School

Paula Allaway
Cohort 1

Since being appointed as a Primary Maths Mastery Specialist Teacher in 2015, I’ve been extremely fortunate to teach across all year groups from Reception to Y6, often in mixed-age classes. This has given me significant opportunity to develop teaching for mastery principles in my own practice and the confidence to disseminate this knowledgeably with others. I’m constantly delighted and enthused by the impact that teaching for mastery has on our learners, as well as the impact it has on practitioners at all levels, when they also realise the power of this set of pedagogic practices.

  • Paula works with the following schools
  • Co-op Academy Brownhill
  • Richmond Hill Academy
  • Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School
  • Meadowfield Primary School
  • St Marys Primary C of E Academy Primary School
  • St Nicholas Primary School
  • Methley Primary School
  • Sicklinghall Primary School
  • Alwoodley Primary School
  • St. Margarets C of E Primary School
  • Cawood CE VA Primary School
  • Jerry Clay Academy
  • Parklands Primary School
  • Farsley Farfield Primary School
  • Hugh Gaitskell Primary School
  • Hunslet Moor Primary School
  • Woodlands Co op Academy
  • West End Primary School
  • Hovingham Primary School
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Mike Clayton

Primary Mastery Specialist and Head of Maths

Cohort 2

I am passionate about teaching Mathematics at Primary school and first became involved with the West Yorkshire Maths Hub over 5 years ago. I have since trained as a Primary Mastery Specialist, taken part in the Shanghai Exchange Programme and currently work as a KS2 teacher and Head of Maths at a large local primary school.

My particular interest is working with children who struggle with the foundations of maths and subsequently find reasoning and problem solving a challenge. I have been delighted to see how the use of variation and representation in the classroom can lead children to make strong mathematical connections which secure their future knowledge. My other area of interest is how effective use of TAs can make a real difference in the classroom.

Sam Shutkever

Ackroyden Primary School

Sam Shutkever
Cohort 3

The mastery approaches have been a complete game changer for my teaching of mathematics. About 3 years ago, I was signposted towards the mastery programme and I suddenly began to realise how transformational maths teaching can be. As a teenager, I remember sitting in a classroom, feeling completely panicked and lost, and as a teacher, I always try to remember that feeling when I am teaching difficult concepts. As a result, I am particularly passionate about lesson design and how small steps can enable every child to succeed.

  • Sam works with the following schools
  • Abbey Park Academy
  • Christ Church CE Primary School
  • Lee Mount Primary School
  • Ashgreen Primary School
  • Appleton Academy
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School
  • Ferney Lee Primary School
  • Strawberry Fields Primary School
  • Whitkirk Primary School
  • Deighton Gates Primary School
  • Drighlington Primary School
  • Little London Community Primary School
  • St. Paul's Catholic Primary School
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Katherine Jackson

Cohort 3
  • Katherine works with the following schools
  • St Francis of Assisi Primary School
  • Lane End Primary School
  • Armley Primary School
  • Lawns Park Primary School
  • Swarcliffe Primary School
  • Greenmount Primary School

Ester Mor Gomez

Maths Lead and Year 5 teacher, Christ Church Junior School, Sowerby Bridge

Ester Mor Gomez
Cohort 3

I have now been teaching for 10 years throughout KS2 and I have always had a real interest in teaching maths, especially since I found maths hard myself when I was at school. I have always believed that the use of concrete and pictorial approaches are key for understanding certain mathematical concepts and they are highly effective as they allow children develop a deeper understanding of maths. I have been working closely with the West Yorkshire Maths hub for the last couple of years and I was thrilled to become part of Cohort 3 of the Primary Mastery Specialist Programme last year which has allowed me to increase my knowledge of the Mastery approach and find new inspiration for my teaching. I am keen to share best practice with other colleagues and embed the key principles of mastery in order to improve progress and attainment across school.

  • Ester works with the following schools
  • Beckfoot Nessfield, Keighley
  • Oxenhope C of E Primary School
  • Laycock Primary School
  • Castle Hill Primary School
  • Norland CE Primary School
  • Haworth Primary School
  • Meltham Moor Primary School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy
  • New Road Primary School
  • St. Johns CE Primary School
  • Tuel Lane Infant School
  • Bowling Green Primary School
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Sarah Hemmingway

Maths Lead, Copley Primary School, Halifax

Sarah Hemmingway
Cohort 4

Since starting our own mastery journey at Copley 7 years ago, I have been passionate about helping teachers as they try to implement mastery in their own schools. I have been teaching for 15 years, mainly based in KS1 but more lately in KS2. My role as Maths Coordinator allows me to see the fantastic work teachers are doing across school to help children understand maths. I was thrilled to be chosen to join the Mastery Specialist programme and am really excited to be in my second year, helping other teachers and schools in our Teacher Research Groups. Seeing the impact that the Maths Hub can make in a school is so rewarding!

Lorna Terry

Maths Lead, All Saints Junior and Infant School

Cohort 4

I am really fortunate to be the mathematics lead at All Saints' and, with the help of the West Yorkshire Maths Hub, have the opportunity to develop mastery as a whole school approach. Even though we are still in the early stages of our journey, the benefits of teaching mathematics with a mastery approach are already evident in the changes in the children’s mindsets and the development in the depth of their reasoning and problem-solving skills. I am looking forward to helping drive forward our progress even further as every staff member deepens their understanding of what mastery looks like in the classroom and how it should be taught. I have always been passionate about every child having the opportunity to advance their understanding and grasp of key mathematical concepts and skills - and this is something that I am most looking forward to developing within school.

Chris Clark

Year 6 Class Teacher and Maths Lead, Addingham Primary School

Cohort 6

As a school, and with the support of the West Yorkshire Maths Hub, we have been on our Teaching for Mastery journey for around 4 years. This approach has seen a transformational change in my own teaching of mathematics and across the whole school. The impact has been clear to see with engagement, attainment, and mindsets all being significantly enhanced. This has reinforced my passion for Teaching for Mastery and I am looking forward to starting my training as a mastery specialist.

Joe Gallucci

Year 6 teacher & Maths Leader

Cohort 6

In more than 10 years of teaching primary, I have taught in four very different schools. When I moved back from teaching in Italy, I took the role of Maths Leader at a through school in Bradford. This is where I began my mastery journey as part of a research group with one of the WY Maths Hub mastery specialists. During that year, the potential of maths teaching and learning became revolutionary to me and, though it hadn’t been a particular specialist for me before then, it very quickly became a passion of mine. After that, I moved to primary school in central Bradford where I introduced and have worked to develop mastery maths. It has been transformative for the staff and pupils and a real honor to be a part of. I have searched for as much information, CPD, and support as I could have made huge developments in my own understanding of maths mastery. I have often found children in my school confused by language and unable to leap from one step to another, which is why I have a particular interest in developing a consistent policy to mathematics vocabulary as well as procedural variation and intelligent practice. I am looking forward to developing these even further as I begin my training as a Primary Mastery Specialist this year.

Mary Togher

Mathematics Subject Leader, St Chads C of E Primary School, Brighouse

Mary Togher
Cohort 4

Teaching for Mastery enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed - I am passionate about pupils deepening their understanding and making real-life links through purposeful teaching and learning. I am excited about developing mastery further in my school and beyond through the sharing of ideas and collaborative practice supported by the West Yorkshire Maths Hub.

  • Mary works with the following schools
  • Westminster CE Primary Academy
  • Grove House Primary School
  • Cavendish Primary School
  • St Stephens
  • Poplars Farm Primary School
  • Thornton Primary School

Rachael Poole

Maths Leader, Temple Learning Academy, Leeds

Cohort 5

I have always appreciated the beauty of maths and the satisfaction of those “lightbulb moments”. Working with children with a wide range in prior attainment, I was inspired to research the mastery approach to teaching maths. I believe that all children can be successful Mathematicians but there is an art to creating the optimal learning opportunities for them. Since undertaking the mastery specialist training with West Yorkshire Maths Hub, I have adapted my practice and have seen the benefits in the depth of understanding children have gained. I am a Year 4 class teacher at an All Through school where we are working towards embedding the principles of teaching for mastery from Reception to Year 11. I also provide group and bespoke training and support to trainee teachers to help develop their subject knowledge, pedagogy and confidence in teaching maths. I enjoy working collaboratively to make a positive impact on the understanding and confidence of children and to share ideas and best practice.

  • Rachael works with the following schools
  • West Vale Primary School
  • Field Lane Primary School
  • Trinity Academy St Peters
  • John Jamieson Colin Calvert
  • Broomfield School
  • Elland Church of England

Sarah Bullick

Maths Specialist

Cohort 5

I am a Maths Specialist Teacher and support schools to develop Maths Mastery in their settings. I have many years' experience teaching across the primary age range and have worked alongside the Maths Hub to introduce Maths Mastery in my own school.

  • Sarah works with the following schools
  • St Michael and All Angel Primary and Pre School
  • Shelf Junior and Infant School
  • Appleton Academy
  • Woodlands Church of England School
  • Worthinghead Primary School
  • St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School

Liam Petitt

Primary Mastery Specialist

Cohort 3

I grew up in the midlands but have been settled in West Yorkshire for the past 15 years. My passions are Maths (I really do enjoy all elements of maths), cricket, football, rugby and my three-year-old boy who is the reason I work four days a week and have adventures one day a week. For the Hub, I have run TRGs, which has been a fantastic experience working alongside really talented teachers, and workgroups where I’ve been involved in some of the best maths conversations ever! My favourite thing about maths at the moment is the question, “What do you notice?”

  • Liam works with the following schools
  • Allerton CE Primary School
  • Primley Wood Primary formerly Khalsa Science Academy
  • Kirkstall St Stephens
  • Brodetsky Primary School
  • Shire Oak CE Primary School
  • Brudenell Primary School
  • Bracken Edge Primary School
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Seanna Sweeney

Primary Mastery

Cohort 4

As a student exploring maths, and now as a teacher facilitating learning experiences, I have always been a firm believer in the quotation: "maths in the only place where truth and beauty mean the same thing". Teaching maths and working alongside the Maths Hub and other 'maths passionate' people is a dream come true. There is nothing quite like the moment of understanding falling into place; as a child in the classroom or as an adult working with a colleague. Over my career as a teacher and maths lead I have been fortunate to experience this light-bulb moment across school, from EYFS to KS2. As Assistant Head Teacher and an SLE, I am spurred on by the vision that all children can achieve a love of maths, deepened understanding, and be the mathematicians of the future.

  • Seanna works with the following schools
  • Holy Trinity Church of England Primary Academy
  • Cockburn Haigh Road Academy
  • Micklefield CofE Primary School
  • Ryecroft Academy
  • Cross Gates Primary
  • Hollybush Primary School
  • Summerfield Primary School
  • Christ the King Primary School
  • Whitkirk Primary
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Laurie Fox

Maths Lead

Laurie Fox
Cohort 4

I am privileged to be maths lead within my school during this exciting period of time as we embark on our journey of the mastery approach to teaching maths. Being part of the West Yorkshire Maths Hub TRG has provided me with the opportunity to develop my personal pedagogy and ability to offer CPD to the rest of the staff through the dissemination of inspirational teaching methods discussed and observed during the TRG sessions. I am passionate about teaching maths and feel it is essential that I have the ability to inspire pupils to embrace mathematics and to develop their love of maths as a lifelong skill. I am excited to be starting my training as a mastery specialist to enable me to strengthen my own subject knowledge and disseminate this to other teachers. This in turn will aid the development of teachers’ positive perception and attitude towards maths, which will inspire children, enabling them to begin to develop links across Maths which can be transferred into the real world through conceptual learning.

  • Laurie works with the following schools
  • Hawksworth CE Primary School
  • Glenaire Primary School
  • Adel Primary School
  • Westroyd Primary School
  • Pudsey bolton Royd Primary School
  • Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Laura Kelly

Cohort 5
  • Laura works with the following schools
  • St Columba's Catholic Primary School
  • Beckfield COOP
  • Southmere Primary Academy
  • Clayton C E Primary School
  • Wilsden Primary School
  • St Columba's Catholic Primary School
  • Beckfield COOP
  • Southmere Primary Academy
  • Clayton C E Primary School
  • Wilsden Primary School