Secondary Teaching for Mastery – Embedding

Enhanced support for maths departments in their second year of introducing teaching for mastery. £1,000 funding available. 

The Embedding Work Group is the second year in the NCETM’s Teaching for Mastery Programme. This Work Group will support schools to embed a teaching for mastery approach in their departments. This Work Group is fully funded and comes with £1000 to support teacher release. Each school gets a bespoke programme led by our Mastery Specialist over 3 days throughout the year.

Participation is for maths departments in schools that took part in a Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group in 2022/23.  Lead participants will ideally be the Mastery Advocates who participated in 2022/23 Work Groups.

This Work Group is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.