Secondary Teaching for Mastery – Development

Professional development to enable you to introduce teaching for mastery across your maths department.

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Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (‘Mastery Advocates’) to join a Work Group. Mastery Advocates then form part of a locally-based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise and, receive bespoke support. 

In a Teaching for Mastery Work Group, teachers collaborate with colleagues from local schools, and get support and guidance from a Local Leader of Maths Education (LLME). Participants also take away ideas to help students become more confident mathematicians, ready to tackle GCSE and A level, and begin to introduced embed teaching from mastery. 

This programme is for state-funded secondary schools in England. Mastery Advocates should be teachers with the commitment, experience and authority to lead developmental work across a maths department. The support of the Head of Maths, and the headteacher or a member of SLT, is also essential.

  • Your students will develop a deep, secure, and connected understanding of the maths they are learning
  • You will begin to develop teaching for mastery approaches in within your own classroom
  • You and your head of department will begin to develop an understanding of the practices and principles aligned to secondary teaching for mastery
  • You will begin to support the teachers in your department to develop teaching for mastery approaches in their practice