Secondary MAT Maths Leads

Professional development designed specifically for secondary Maths MAT Leads.

Now in its third year, this project supports those who lead maths across multiple schools within a MAT. Participants will also develop their role as a leader of system change, curriculum change, and teacher professional development.

New participants will complete a bespoke programme, and those continuing the project will develop their work together as a community. There will be opportunities for new and continuing participants to work together, so all can benefit from central provision and the opportunity for practice exchange with peers.

The project is for those who lead maths across multiple schools within a MAT, including at least one secondary school. This includes MAT maths leads who are continuing from previous years, and new participants. To better engage in the programme, participants are encouraged to have at least one school in a Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Group in 2023/24, but this is not essential.

This Work Group is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.