Primary Teaching for Mastery – Sustaining

We are offering a ‘Core Offer’ and a ‘Bespoke Offer’ for schools across our region; Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds who have engaged with Maths Hubs recently or historically.

More information can be found by reading our Sustaining Offer Brochure.

Read our brochure here

Through the Core Offer, we will be continuing to group schools geographically, assign them a local leader of maths/Mastery Specialist who will act as a point of contact. The Mastery Specialist will facilitate a termly half a day Network Meeting based in either their own school or a school part of the local network.

These Sustaining Network Meetings are permanent form of support for maths in primary schools where, through collaborative practices, schools can focus on the continued improvement, consistency and refinement of a teaching for mastery approach.

The Bespoke Offer will allow schools to sign up to a group which will either focus on a particular theme across the year or a group which will support the context of mathematics in your school. This is in recognition that schools are in different positions and have different priorities linked to mathematics but will benefit from being in a group with other schools that are either in a similar position or wanting to focus on a similar idea.

This Work Group is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.