Primary Mastery Readiness

A programme for primary schools that want to adopt teaching for mastery in maths, but would benefit from a staged approach.

This Work Group is for schools who are in the earlier stages of developing the principles of Teaching for Mastery in their school, we have our Mastery Readiness Work Group. This Work Group invites schools to collaborate with other schools at a similar stage in the journey as they explore the five catalysts for change and look in depth at their school vision and culture for maths, and  the mathematical mindset of their pupils and staff. Participant teachers will begin to look at both subject knowledge and pedagogical enhancements as well as a focus on improving pupil outcomes.

This Work Group is accompanied by targeted and bespoke support visits from one of mathematics SLEs who will visit each school 5 times throughout the year.

Schools will have an identifiable barrier to being able to successfully implement teaching for mastery at present. Barriers may include an Ofsted grading of RI or Inadequate, poor pupil progress in maths, serving an area of low mobility, or issues in the school that have meant the implementation of sustained change has been difficult.

This Work Group is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.