Mastery Readiness

Catered for
Primary Teachers
4.5 days for workshops plus 4 half day school visits

Who can take part?

Each school are expected to include two participants, typically the Maths lead plus one additional teacher.

What is involved?

The four workshops, spread out across the year focus on the core appraoches to establish Teaching for Mastery. Workshop 1 focus’ on establishing the core values and approaches within school towards Teaching for Mastery. Workshop 2 builds on this to focus on individual appraoches to learning, growth mindset and resiliance. Workshop 3 addresses pedagological appraoches to Addititive Reasoning while Workshop 4 focuses on Multiplicative reasoning. There is then a 5th workshop which is a half day TRG that gives participants the opportunity to observe teaching in a Mastery context. Each of the workshops is supported by a half day shool visit which supports the school in addressing the ideas from the workshop but can also be used to tailor the support to make it more bespoke to the needs of the school.

What will you learn?

Participants will have the opportunity to explore Teaching for Mastery principles and understand how they apply to their school’s context. They will have the opportunity to try out TfM techniques and pedagogy and discover the power of a growth mindset and a clear vision.

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