Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Secondary (Non Specialists)

Highly-regarded professional development offering secondary non-specialist maths teachers valuable CPD focusing on subject knowledge and pedagogy.

With the pressures of timetabling and the need to deploy staff flexibly, many secondary schools find that they have teachers teaching outside of their specialism. This can mean that they have teachers from a range of subject backgrounds teaching in maths departments, tackling complex topics, and having to plan lessons with unfamiliar content. 

If you currently have non-specialists teaching in your maths department and want to give them the opportunity to hone their subject knowledge and classroom practice, this programme is ideal. 

  • Six days, or the equivalent of face-to-face or online expert input, plus further local support
  • The opportunity to be a part of a vibrant and supportive online community
  • Access to high-quality resources

“I have found it really useful to see different ways of explaining or teaching concepts”

“From attending the programme, the non-specialist teacher’s confidence in his maths and the teaching of maths has improved. The expectations of his students are not higher”