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NCP 20-13: Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups

Introduce mastery across your department.

This Work Group is designed for two teachers within a department who have a keen interest in Teaching for Mastery and want to further develop their own professional learning. All maths teachers, from RQTs to heads of department can be nominated as Mastery Advocates. At least one of the teachers will need to be in a position to drive change in their department and contribute to developing the professional learning of others. It is crucial that the two advocates have the full support of the head of department and headteacher, and that mechanisms are in place to enable development.

The two nominated teachers will work closely with a Secondary Mastery Specialist to understand the principles and practices associated with teaching for mastery and will be encouraged and supported to work with teachers within their own departments to develop and refine these principles and practices. The Work Group will consist of workshops and school visits which will be bespoke to each school.

6 days release time per advocate across the year. This Includes a launch event, 5 workshops and 5 school visits from a Mastery Specialist throughout the year. Each school is funded £2000 to support with cover costs.

What is the cost?

The Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Groups project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

What will you learn?

Hear from teachers who have taken part in a Work Group