Year 5 – 8 Continuity

Strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school.

Work Groups in this project focus on curriculum and pedagogical continuity over Years 5 to 8. Participants will explore a selection of high-quality resources: Checkpoints, Multiplicative Reasoning and Algebraic Thinking materials. 

A lesson study approach is encouraged, where all participants focus on a particular aspect of the maths curriculum and work collaboratively to develop this their schools. Cross-phase classroom observation and discussion of practice are encouraged wherever possible.

This project is for both primary and secondary schools. It may be particularly suitable for linked ‘families’ of schools; primary, secondary, etc. A ‘family’ could be a secondary school and their associated (feeder) primary schools or groups of schools within a MAT.

  • Your pupils in KS2 and KS3 will demonstrate a positive attitude to maths
  • You will make common use of approaches, representations, and language across phases
  • You will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the curriculum across KS2 and KS3 and the expectations of pupils at the end of each Key Stage. 
  • You and your cross-phase colleagues will collaborate on issues of curriculum pedagogy as a normal part of your schools’ transition practice.