Mastering Number

Mastering Number is designed to help children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 to embed good number sense including fluency and flexibility with number facts.  If you are delivering the Mastering Number programme in your school you can find further support, resources and guidance below.


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• Watch a Mastering Number Session

• The pedagogy underlying the programme

• Information for Maths Leaders and Head Teachers


Watch a Mastering Number session

Teachers at Rothwell St Mary’s invited us to visit their Mastering Number sessions in action.  You can watch recordings of the full sessions by clicking the dropdowns below, see what the Mastering Number sessions look like in practice, or use the recordings as an opportunity to reflect with colleagues on what you notice about these sessions and to help you to reflect on your own practice.

Early Years - Mastering Number - full lesson


The pedagogy underlying the programme

To get the most out of the programme, it is helpful to examine some of the key themes.  Watch these introductions and lesson extracts (by clicking the dropdowns below) with colleagues to consider where these concepts feature in the recorded sessions and reflect on how they are used in your practice.  These videos supplement the live training provided by the NCETM.


Mathematical Talk


Information for Maths Leaders and Head Teachers

When you are not delivering the Mastering Number sessions yourself, it can be useful to have an understanding of the aims and mechanisms of the programme so you can support staff and share information with governors and parents.

You can watch the Head Teacher and Maths Leader interview in full by clicking these links (Full Head Teacher interview | Full Maths Leader interview). Alternatively, click on a specific dropdown below to watch the relevant video.

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• Intent
• Implementation
• Impact



What are the aims of the Mastering Number programme? 



How could you implement the programme and should it be adapted?



How do teachers improve their practice?