Playing with Pattern, Spatial Reasoning, and Mathematical Storytelling in the Early Years

Mathematics in the Early Years is so much more than number! Research has shown that children who have strong Pattern, Shape and Spatial reasoning skills are more likely to become confident mathematicians in other areas.

This PD offer will support you to develop strong subject knowledge, and understanding of developmental progression, whilst also giving you opportunity to explore pedagogical approaches such as storytelling, language development and engaging learning environments and how they impact on mathematical learning for our youngest children. Research-based and with lots of opportunities to explore your own practice and that of others, this offer will support you to ensure that you are providing a breadth of mathematical understanding to the children you work with so that they get the best foundations to become strong mathematicians as they progress throughout school.

Session dates/locations

8th February (full day) – The Maltings

8th March (am) – Online

26th April (full day) – The Maltings

24th May (am) – Online

14th June (full day) – The Maltings