Lane End Primary School Leave a Great Review

Lane End Primary School has given some great feedback from their experience working with our Mastery Specialist, Julie Matthews. 

(Julie Matthews)

“We have been part of the Mastery Readiness programme for nearly 7 months now and we are already feeling the benefits within our school. Both myself and my colleague often comment on the fact we can’t believe it’s free!

Our workshop lead, Julie is a fountain of knowledge and very approachable. She tailors our workshops around our needs and next steps. Her regular visits mean that she has an in depth understanding of where our school is on its journey to mastery and provides the right type and amount of support.  

The subject knowledge provided is invaluable and resources, approaches and scaffolds shared with us make total senseI can see how they allow all children to access mathematical knowledge and ideas. 

In short, we would entirely recommend this programme and we are excited to see where the next part of our mastery journey takes us. “

We have received additional funding from The NCETM to run another primary mathematics Mastery Readiness Work Group led by our Mastery Readiness Leads.

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