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Shanghai Exchange – Addition: Bridging 10

Kate and Laurie reflect on their lesson where they taught Grade 1 (Year 2) Addition: Bridging 10

Today we taught a lesson to Grade 1 (Year 2). The focus of the lesson was addition: bridging 10. We used experiences from Shanghai lessons, help from our Shanghai teachers and the NCETM PD Materials (Number: Year 2 – Addition and Subtraction: Bridge 10, Teaching Point 5). Children investigated two methods to make 10.



The first method was partitioning the second addend to make 10.


(NCETM PD Materials)




The second method was partitioning the first addend to make 10.


(NCETM PD Materials)


In Shanghai, both of these methods are explored with the children and usually within the same lesson. The number line was also used to demonstrate how to make 10 with this type of calculation.

Teaching and designing this lesson has shown us the benefits of spending time unpicking methods in detail, and encouraging the children to explain their thoughts. By the end of the lesson, the majority of children recognised that it didn’t matter which addend we partitioned, but that the key point was to make 10.

The PD Materials enabled us to develop our own subject knowledge, considering both of us have not taught in Key Stage One recently. The materials also enabled us to design the lesson using representations that are used in both countries, as well as being able to clearly demonstrate the structure of the mathematics.

We have learnt so much from our two weeks in Shanghai and we cannot wait to share our experiences and reflections with the schools within our Hub.